If You Are a School Nurse…


(And we want to help you!)

As a School Nurse, you are on the front lines of the battleground when it comes to head lice. No one knows better than you the extent of the problem or how difficult it is to combat.

How we can help you: Head Lice Hotline

Head Lice Hotline is there to help you as you deal with the head lice problem in your school(s). You may feel free to tell parents and teachers about the hotline and have them call for free help and advice.

We want to let you know up front that the volunteers are partially compensated for their time and phone bills by referral fees donated to www.HeadLiceHotline.org by corporate sponsors. However…

The Head Lice Hotline Volunteers are NOT required to recommend ANY products. They have no constraints on what they can or cannot say or recommend. They are free to tell their callers exactly what worked or didn’t work for them. (Some of them have even declined to receive their referral fees or have donated them back to us.)

The sole purpose of the Head Lice Hotline Volunteers is to give comfort and advice to head lice sufferers. For more information, click here.

How you can help us: Join Our Organization

We need qualified and credible individuals to be in our membership, to volunteer for our Board of Directors and our Steering Committee. There would be no better qualified or credible person to be in Mothers Against Head Lice than you–a hard-working school nurse.

Please consider joining MothersAgainstHeadLice.org. It is free to join and we will not ask you to do anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing.