Jennifer’s Head Lice Story

"I tried all the over-the-counter treatments.
I got a prescription from our doctor.
I worked on combing out bugs and eggs almost every night for a month!
Nothing was working!
I was exhausted--physically and emotionally!

Then I discovered something that actually worked..."

Our Head Lice Story

I want to tell you our story about head lice. We have five children.

One day, our youngest daughter, age five, told me her head was itchy. I gave her a bath and I washed her hair with a dandruff shampoo thinking it would help.

Afterwards, I was brushing out her tangles, looking closely for flaky scalp when I gasped in shock!

There were little bugs crawling in her hair! I was horrified!

Then I thought...

Jennifer & Jill AFTER the Head Lice Treatments

"Oh no! Jill's probably got it too!" (She shares a double bed with her little sister.)

I checked… sure enough, Jill had it too.

I ran to the store and bought some over-the-counter lice treatment and those special combs. I treated their heads with the medicine and spent almost six hours combing out the nits.

After that, I changed the bedding.

We were all exhausted when we finally went to bed after midnight. I thought, "That was horrible, but I'm glad it's over!"

Little did I know we were just getting started.

The next day, I checked all my children's heads. Fortunately, no one else was infested.

I washed anything in the house that could have touched either of the girls' heads. All the bedding from all the beds in the house.

We threw away the pillows and bought all new ones. We treated the couches. It was a nightmare, but it still wasn't over...

A few days later, according to the instructions on the box, I treated and checked the girl's heads again.

They were back!

And my head was feeling itchy. I had my husband check me. I had nits, too!

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always been very particular about my hair, so I was extremely upset to think there were bugs crawling in my hair. Plus, my girls and I all have hair down to our waists, so this was not going to be an easy battle!

We went on for days, treating, combing, washing. Nothing was working! They always seemed to come back!

If we didn't get every last nit, the lice would return. The medicines were all ineffective.

I called the doctor and he gave us a prescription. I thought, "Now we have the heavy-duty stuff. This should work!"

It didn't.

By this time, a month had gone by. The lice were taking over our lives. I was so tired of picking out bugs and nits that I broke down and sobbed.

I couldn't handle it anymore. I was almost ready to shave all our heads!

Then, when I was online looking for some help, I finally found and they recommended something that seemed like it would work: LiceKiller. It was something that the U.S. Army used for their Rangers!

I thought, "If the Army uses it, it must be good!"

I ordered the product and got it in the mail very quickly. Within one hour, all our heads were treated and all the lice were dead.

I was so impressed with the product that I decided to contact Mothers Against Head Lice to tell our story with the hope that it might help some other families out there.

Head lice can be a horrible problem.

It was for us. If you have head lice in your household, I hope my story helps you decide to give LiceKiller a try. It worked for our family and I'm sure it will work for you, too!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you... they give you a "BETTER THAN MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!"

It even takes into account the chance that you might have "Super Lice."

Here's what they promise:

"We guarantee that if you follow the directions, LiceKiller products will kill all the lice you are dealing with.

We also guarantee that you will probably have a Re-Infestation because someone in your family's circle of family and friends has lice. That's how your family got it in the first place. Also, lice might be in your environment. That's why many families get re-infested.

When that happens, use LiceKiller immediately (MAKE SURE YOU ORDER ENOUGH PRODUCT TO HAVE SOME LEFT OVER FOR THE RE-INFESTATIONS THAT WILL PROBABLY COME). Do NOT wait 7-10 days between treatments.

If you find you have been infested with a species of "Super-Lice" that does not die when treated with LiceKiller, contact us immediately and we will send you a different formula absolutely free. We will work with you to eradicate that species and warn others in your area about it." 

I have to tell you that we did get a "RE-INFESTATION" about a week later. 🙁

But I didn't panic this time! I knew what to do!

Fortunately we had some LiceKiller Oil left over from our "Everything You Need Kit" and we were able to treat again without reordering. After that re-infestation was knocked out, we never had lice again!

I was very impressed with the quality of the product and the professionalism of the company. I'm sure that you will be too.

If you are going to think about it before you order, please put this web page in your 'Favorites' so you can come back to it and order later.

Thank you so much for reading our story! I sincerely hope it helps you. And good luck! We know you'll be pleased with LiceKiller if you decide to order.

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