Treating Head Lice With Natural Products

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While there are a lot of products available today for treating head lice, a good number of them rely on chemicals – these synthetic chemicals are poisons designed to kill the head lice; however, the poisons can also be an irritant to the human body. In some cases the chemicals which are used as poisons in head lice treatments can trigger allergic reactions which can be even worse than the original problem with the head lice, and if there has been any opening of the scalp as a result of bites the poisons can get into the blood of the person suffering from lice, causing even further problems.

The solution to dealing with head lice which allows one to sidestep all of these issues is using a natural product to treat head lice. Natural products using materials which are found in nature make it possible for you to remove head lice without causing any kind of undue irritation or posing a health risk in any way to yourself or to your loved ones.

The first part of the process is started by natural materials which break up the glue that connects the head lice eggs, or nits, to the shafts of hair on a person’s head. This makes it much easier to remove the nits. This all natural material also tends to make the adult lice stop moving – making them easier to catch with the lice comb and making it less likely that they will be able to escape from you as you cleanse the head of lice.

The second step is to actually kill the lice and their eggs by washing the scalp with a special mixture of oils which have been used by people for hundreds and hundreds of years as a natural means of removing head lice. These chemicals kill the adult head lice first and they start to work in a matter of seconds. Afterwards you leave the oils on the scalp for a little while so that all of the eggs will die.

Next, you need to treat the scalp with a repellent, and also treat the surrounding environment and everyone else who is in frequent contact with the person in question with a repellent so that any lice which have managed to make their way off of the head of the infested person are unable to make it back onto theirs or someone else’s head and continue the infestation. By covering the surfaces of the place where you live and the clothes used by the person who was infested with anti-head lice repellent you can see to it that any surviving head lice will not want to stick around, but will leave your home on their own. These steps get rid of head lice without using any chemicals which can adversely affect your health!

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