How the Head Lice Treatment Study Was Conducted

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The Top 9 Head Lice Treatments Tested and Reviewed

Who Was Involved in the Testing?

The testing of the 9 head lice treatments was conducted by many different teams of people. Each product was purchased and delivered to five different teams. There was one team that included a school nurse. And the other four teams for each product were pairs of mothers who both had children with head lice who lived in the same town. We wanted to see the results of using the products by a professional compared with several “regular people.” Volunteers were sought out and monitored by our in house experts. All the teams live in the United States and were from 17 different states. All of the school nurses work in elementary schools.

What Were The Methods?

In every case study, the participants were required to follow the instructions and directions included with each product. If the products offered additional assistance in the usage of the products, the participants were allowed to take advantage of that assistance, but they were not to disclose the fact that they were evaluating the product or testing it as a part of our study. For the laboratory study, the products were tested in standard medical laboratory conditions. Live head lice were acquired from subjects by professional nit pickers and were delivered to the lab within 4 hours of their removal from their human hosts. In the lab, the 9 different products were used on the live head lice according to directions included with the products. Results were determined by qualified laboratory professionals and their assistants using standard scientific methods and equipment.

How Long Did it Last?

The study lasted for 45 days during the Summer months of 2014.

Were There Any Corporate or Government Sponsors?

There were no corporate or government sponsors of the study. All the volunteers were private citizens not affilated in any way, shape or form with any entity that could influence the outcome of our study. There were no volunteers who had any relatives employed by any of the companies that manufacture or sell any of the products in the study. To the best of our ability, we made very sure that the study was conducted in a fair and impartial way by all of the volunteers and professionals involved.