Danger – Using Poison to Treat Head Lice

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These are 2 common Head Lice Treatments that use poison.

Poisons for Head Lice

One of the ways in which head lice are sometimes treated is by using poison, usually some form of permethrin. The reasoning is that the easiest way to deal with the head lice problem is to apply something to the head which will kill them outright.

However, as you can imagine, there are some possible side effects to using poison on your head which may mean that it is not the best possible way for you to deal with your head lice problem.

Why are poisons a bad idea when it comes to treating head lice and what kinds of dangers may result? Let’s take a look at some of the answers.

You Can Get Poisoned by Lice Treatments

A medical issue which comes up when you are dealing with head lice is the problem of possible infection – over the weeks of a head lice infestation the repeated biting of the skin on the scalp, as well as the effects of constant scratching, can open up the blood vessels and tissues of the head and make it possible for an infection to invade the body and develop from the scalp.

In cases where this kind of complication develops, applying any kind of poison to the scalp can lead to serious medical problems, as the skin which would normally prevent the poisons from entering the body has been significantly weakened.

Using poisons to kill the head lice in this case would simply introduce those same poisons into the body and can lead to a host of difficult complications.

Lice Poisons Can Trigger Allergies

In many cases, the poisons themselves are likely to be irritating to the skin and they may trigger allergies.

Before you start to use any kind of poison as an anti-head lice medication, you should make sure that you discuss any kinds of allergies that you or your children have with the doctor so that you can anticipate and prevent any kinds of ill effects that can occur.

Sometimes the effect that a poison has in triggering a person’s allergies can be a greater problem than the irritation from the head lice themselves, so you need to take care to make sure that you do not use a product which will worsen your situation, instead of making things better.

Poisons Don’t Kill Lice Any More – Bugs Are Resistant to Them

Finally, permethrin-based poisons do not work in many cases because the head lice that they are designed to fight have developed a resistance to the poisons.

If head lice have developed a resistance you will have a problem getting the poison to work even if you use it for an extended period of time, so you should definitely look for another way to deal with your head lice problem which does not make use of poisons that can irritate the skin and cause other medical problems.

There are a host of other ways in which you can effectively deal with head lice and which use all natural products, so try to use these instead of poisons to get the best effects and you will be able to remove the head lice from your or your child’s scalp without causing any further problems.

Our Recommendation – Natural Ingredients Proven to Work

We recommend using natural ingredients such as Neem Seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Karanja Oil, Clove Oil and others. Additionally, we recommend using enzymes as a pre-treatment to soften the exoskeletons of the bugs as well as the nit-glue that attaches the nits to your hair.

The brand we recommend (we’re not compensated) is LiceKiller. You can purchase it by clicking here.