Not all Lice Combs are Created Equal

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A good lice comb can mean the difference between getting rid of lice in days or struggling with them for weeks. You don’t want to depend on shampoos and sprays alone, because the eggs are usually not affected by topical treatments. You’ll need a quality lice comb to remove the eggs before they hatch. Lice combs are also important in finding those last two or three stubborn louses. So let’s talk about what to look for in a lice comb.

Plastic Lice Combs

An all plastic lice comb is typically not the best choice. The teeth are too wide with too much space in between to be effective. They are also difficult to clean and may melt under boiling water or abrasive cleaning agents.

Metal Lice Combs – A Better Choice

Metal teethed lice combs can usually better suited for nit picking. Their teeth are generally laser thin and close together to make it difficult for lice to slip through the cracks. Metal combs stand up to the abuse of cleaning better than plastic combs, too. You can clean them in boiling hot water, or use alcohol or vinegar on them without issue.

It’s All in the Wrist

Most people wouldn’t think of comfort when buying a lice comb, but it can be very important – especially if you have more than one person in the house you will be combing. That’s why the handle of the lice comb is critical. Some are small and narrow, while others are longer and resemble a regular comb handle. Some of them have a loop to put your fingers through for added comfort.

Since you will probably be using some kind of conditioner or spray during the combing process, you’ll want something you can hang on and not slip through your greasy hands. Some people find the looped handle to be most effective in these situations. It might sound of minor importance, but after you’ve been nit picking for an hour, you’ll appreciate a comfortable handle on your lice comb.

Prevent Snagging

Here’s something that most people don’t think of until they get a bad lice comb – snagging. If you or your kids have long hair, it can be tough enough to get a lice comb through the hair, but if your lice comb has plastic rough spots, or places where the hair can get snagged, you’ll be in for a painful time.

When you buy a lice comb, remember that not all lice combs are created equal. Look for a comb with metal teeth that are close together, a comfortable plastic handle, and a smooth surface to prevent hair from snagging. For the amount of time you’ll be spending, you’ll need a good quality lice comb.