Hurricane Harvey Aftermath: Super Lice Infestation in Houston TX

October 28, 2017 - 

Super Lice - An Unforeseen Consequence of Hurricane Harvey

We have received multiple reports from parents, school nurses and daycare owners that there is currently a major infestation of "Super Lice" in the city of Houston, Texas.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, there has been a dramatic incidence of infestations of "Super Lice." Researchers theorize that the rise in cases of head lice is because so many people, especially children, were living in unusually close proximity with each other in temporary housing and shelters.

Super Lice are nothing more than ordinary lice that have become resistant to the permethrin based treatments such as RID or NIX.

The only solution to solving this health crisis in Houston is to follow the best practices for killing head lice and reducing re-infestations.

We have put together some information resources for dealing with Super Lice.

You can find our Super Lice Resources by CLICKING HERE.

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